John Hill, known to everybody as " John Henry" , country born and raised, is a combination of things that makes him what he ultimately is. A cross between country, soul, rock and roll, jazz, all based around his love for the blues. His main love is creating and is currently trying expose himself and his music to the world via studio work balanced against live performance, the latter being his main love. Born outside of Zanesville,Ohio in 1957, a rural area surrounded by all the influences of family, church, AM radio, and everything he could immerse himself in at an early age. His personal veiwpoint is that everything you listen to and like started as an original thought and is the only thing worth spending your time and effort on. Birthing new thoughts and music.

( John Henry)           I was first inspired by Rev. John Wesley Logan (my grandfather) who would play his guitar before every sermon on Sundays. Was also influenced into country music by the sound of the neighbors rehearsing for shows the next holler over from my home. When I was old enough to go to "town", I was assailed by everything I could not have imagined and went wild for a lot of years. Ended up playing in a lot of bands in a lot of different genres as a sideman. Later in life after a 10 year hiatus, I ended up with two of my original songs being played on radio station 102.1 fm last year in regular rotation. I decided to rejoin the music world as an artist as opposed to a supporting actor and have been musically happy ever since.

John Henry has been playing area venues, blues festivals and special shows from Columbus to Cleveland Ohio with many more to come this year. He is also a member of  the Mill Street Blues Trio which is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. He also runs a long running open blues jam catering to talented and upcoming youths and seasoned veterans with excess energy to expend mentoring those that need it for the last two years.

 John Henry and the Rainmakers are currently working on recording their first full cd release this year and are already looking forward to the next. The band looks forward to being a major part of the music scene wherever they go. We are not taking a number to be the next in line to perform the same, tired list of songs everybody seems to be stuck doing. If you want originality, come see us. If you want a jukebox, there's one in every club.


For more info: Contact- John Henry @ 740-704-1004 

or to sign up for mailing list visit: John Henry and the Rainmakers/facebook

John Henry and the Rainmakers/YouTube



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